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 Monsters Hall of Fame


We are inviting people of all ages to design their own monster to be in with a chance of getting it’s name read out in the show at your venue!

All you have to do is use your imagination and create your own monster – you can draw us a picture, build us a model, dress up in fancy dress or write us a few sentences about what your monster looks like. Then you must give it a name and tell us a little bit about what your monster does. To enter the competition you can post a photo of your monster on to our Facebook page with the #monsterzootour  , send your entry to or hand it in to the venue you’ll be visiting to see the show. We’ll then choose one monster for every show and it’s name will be read out for all to hear!

We’ve had lots of explorers out there already discovering monsters living near them and we’ve managed to capture them for our Hall of Fame. See if you can recognise any in the list below …

Drawing of a Snuffler monster

The Snuffler

Discovered by: Sarah Churlish
The snuffler can seek out food when you need it most. He flies at the speed of light as he knows it’s an emergency.

Drawing of a Trotski-Potski monster

Trotski Potski

Discovered by: Holly
Trotski Potski was disovered by Holly from NWN. He turns horrid nasty grown-up TEA into yummy fizzy pop. His favourite is cherryade. Trotski Potski also REALLY likes trainers, and has over 200 pairs.

Drawing of a Crimpll monster


Discovered by: Rachael
Crimpll was disovered by Rachael from NWN. If you touch him you get an eclectic shock… like a wide range of shocks.

Drawing of a Tonguey monster


Discovered by: Benjamin
Tonguey was disovered by Benjamin. His whole body is made from tongues.

The Growler

Discovered by: Holly
The Growler was disovered by Holly. It blows fire to toast marshmallows.

Mr Dempsey

Discovered by: Becky
Ever wonder where you socks disappear to? Well, it could be Mr Dempsey as he often lives under the bed and steals them.

The Candy Ball family

Discovered by: Joseph
This mischievous little family steal candy from you when you’re not looking. So watch out! You better eat those sweets quickly before this family roll out and pinch them.

Stomp and Stamp the Duo-Roogoo

Discovered by: Belle
This Duo-Roogoo is quite a rare species of monster. Their big brain is for storing all of the words they learn, what they mean and in what context you use them. In fact all they really do is talk, but they do hug – they’re brilliant huggers!

McMonster Blurr

Discovered by: Rosie
This is McMonster Blurr and although he is bright and colourful with a golden edge, he likes to suck blood so beware!

Robot Monster

Discovered by: Will
This is Robot Monster. He lives at Seaburn Metro Station and eats pizza and train tracks. It also likes to listen to The Beatles.

Mary Monster

Discovered by: Mary (with help from Will)
The Mary Montser is really small and lives down the plughole. It’s quite mischievous and sneaks out every now and then to steal Will’s toys and eat scrambled egg.

Electric Spike

Discovered by: Madelyn
Electric Spike loves chocolate and ice cream. He’s a bit shy because he’s scared he’ll electrocute someone, but he’s actually very friendly when you get to know him.

Vicious Betty

Discovered by: Caitlyn
Vicious Betty likes to come out at night and scare children. She has big dreams of becoming a Monster Princess but keeps getting rejected because she’s a monster.


Discovered by: William

Meet Jeff-Laura. He has 4 eyes and tiny wings to fly, he likes to run and jump. He has an antenna on top of his head to listen for other monsters in trouble. His favourite things to eat are lemon and pineapple.


Discovered by: Erin

Epp has excellent eyesight thanks to his large eyes which sit on top of his head. His long flat arms allow him to fly away at a moment’s notice meaning he is very difficult to catch!


Discovered by: Alfie

Meet T-Rex. He’s a vicious monster who only comes out at night. He’s rarely spotted but you can always tell when a T-Rex has been in the area thanks to the trail of destruction he leaves behind!

Miss Switch-Up

Discovered by: Ella

Don’t be fooled by Miss Switch-Up’s cuddly appearance; get on her wrong side and she turns into a ferocious beast! The trick is to tickle her under her chin and her softer side will soon come back out to play.


Discovered by: Martha

Sammy is a very curious monster with a long neck and eyes on stalks which mean she’s excellent at spying! She might look a bit odd but she’s very friendly, especially if you bring her favourite food (carrot sticks)!


Discovered by: Beatrice aged 2

Loo the one eyed monster likes to bounce.

This monster is so fearsome it has no name

Discovered by: Abi aged 7

This monster lives in a cave in the forest and only eats people. He has a stick for a tail because he was in the forest and a tiger scratched him, but don’t worry, Mr monster no-name scartched the tiger back!

The Fruit Monster

Discovered by: Will aged 5 with help from Annabelle

This fruit monster is so cunning it took to explorers to discover it. It likes to confuse it’s predators by instead of eating fruit like it’s name suggests, it chooses to eat leaves instead.


Discovered by: Rhian aged 3

This is Grouchy our sea monster. He like to eat people on boats, but he has worms on his arms to catch fishies if he’s hungry in the meantime.


Discovered by: Sheryl aged 10

This monster is a mix of loads of animals. It eats anything and does not have a personality.

Messy Monster

Discovered by: Michelle aged 8

As you might expect, this monster is very messy. It is covered in chicken pox and multi-coloured spikey hair. What you might not expect are the duck feet that squirt water as a defense against anything trying to eat it. Beware. And wear waterproofs when hunting this monster.

Fred the monster

Fred eats worms for breakfast and likes to hide in the garden.

Joey the pumping monster

Joey likes to eat spiders and shoes! Once, Joey pumped so loud his eyeballs popped out!

Lesley AKA The Purple Paralyser

The Purple Paralyser is Lesley’s stage name, as he doesn’t like his real name. He lives at home with two cats and likes to eat mice!


Netherakk has two fire wings and he is very brave. His favourite food is pork dinners.


Squirmly-Squigg breathes out of his two tongues and he uses his eyes to smell. He’s funny and he likes to act!

Rainbow Chomper

In winter, Rainbow Chomper changes colour. Her hair can make rainbows. She’s friendly and kind but sometimes she likes to play tricks on people!

Mabel the monster

Mabel eats people! The only person she will never eat is her best friend, who is also called Mabel. She is really quick – her superpower is turbo speed!

Rainbow Biter

He can chew through houses! He has a magical tail that helps him fly really fast and escape from his enemies.

Metal Mayhem

He has a blue robo-blaster that shows lasers. His enemies are always chasing him because they are jealous of his cool and powerful weapon.

Simon the Wiggleworm

Simon likes to play hide and seek! He has lots of colourful listening ears. Sometimes he’s a bit moody.


Apple picks apples with her friends – it’s her favourite food! She’s learning to fly. She loves sparkles!

Poppy the Snake Monster

She eats snowmen! She is wearing her black and white stripey winter jumper. She’s sometimes a little bit naughty. She hides other peoples oranges!


She loves diving under water because she sparkles in water. She can shoot diamonds out of her hands!


Discovered by: Lilla

Hayley the monster has really helpful monster powers. She can tidy up super fast and run super fast.


Tiana the monster can turn anything into a volcano.

Amy the dragon

Discovered by: Logan

Amy the dragon can turn anything into pirates.


Discovered by:Wilf

Monstertastic has special owl eyes that can see in the dark.

Go Go

Discovered by: Maddy

Go Go can see through walls.


Discovered by: Layla

Ian thinks he’s the scariest monster of all. Ian says “I can scare everyone!”

Robert Rainbow

Discovered by: Mackenzie

Robert Rainbow has special superglue powers. He can stick people with glue!


Squiggleworth can see everything with his 5 green eyes!


Discovered by: Barnaby aged 5

Diggidy-Doo was found by Barnaby in Barrow. He was lucky to spot him as Diggidy-Doo loves to zoom!


Diggley-Hopp is easy to find if you know how … you just need a huge bowl of curry. The Diggley-Hopp loves a good curry!

Team Rang Gang

Discovered by: Danielle aged 7

Discovered by Solomon in Gateshead

Discovered by Nirosh in Gateshead

Discovered by Evie

There’s a monster in the bushes!


Discovered by: Anneliese aged 8

Anneliese must be an expert explorer as this monster Squigles can turn invisible whenever it likes, which makes hide and seek quite tricky. It is 6cm tall and weighs 1kg. Squigles is a nice monster with 8 eyes, it originally comes from Mars but currently lives in Anneliese’s bedroom in Seaham. His favourite food is cheesey pasta with salad.

Raa Raa the Munster

Discovered by: Haya aged 5

This purple squiggley mouthed monster comes from Seaham. have you seen in lurking anywhere near you?


Discovered by: Elise aged 3

This monster is called Charlie and was found lurking in Seaham.

Rainbow Ness

Discovered by: Lily

This monster is called Rainbow Ness and has been found lurking in Seaham. A bit like the Loch Ness Monster, Rainbow Ness likes to stay out of sight.


Discovered by: Thomasina

Spiderbot has a rainbow coloured body with giant red fangs. He also has a big black helmet that is remote controlled.

Pea Pig Oly

Discovered by: Alice aged 7

SPea Pig Oly has a very big roly poly tummy.


Discovered by: Oliver

Score lives in a valley of monsters and has a lethal screech. Be careful though as he has an angry mode and a bite of death. Beware!

Discovered by: Georgia

My monster lays purple eggs!


Discovered by: Olly aged 7

Kiaka likes to eat plants and dead animals, but he doesn’t like mushrooms or girls.  Kiaka is only kind to his master and to boys. He lives on a golden beach in the sea and likes to build lego.

Roster Girl

Discovered by: Charlotte aged 4

Roster Girl likes to eat healthy food.


Discovered by: Harry aged 7

Wubblepuff eats pink fluffy slime and frogs legs, he can fly and has a brother called Iggletough. He loves science and works as a pilot for monster airlines, and also teaches science and maths at the weekend at the local monster academy.

Snuggle monster family

Discovered by: Jake aged 4

The snuggle monster family love giving snuggles, they eat bird heads, strawberries and raspberries.


Discovered by: Maanashi aged 7

Weirdoster is a very weird monster from the Monster Zoo. He’s a gross and unexpected monster.

The Sheep

Discovered by: Orlagh aged 3

The Sheep likes eating hay and tickling people and doesn’t like eating grass and scaring people


Discovered by: Gus aged 4

It stands on trees, has sharp teeth and is a wax monster. He might eat your body all up, but Stander does what its told and doesn’t like people it only eats food. Stander is Gus’s friend and lives at the back of his garden.


Discovered by: Freya aged 6

Fluffy is a nice monster, it doesn’t eat people and only eats vegetables, so will you please let it into your house? Fluffy has wings and you can teach it to fly. It also likes to play.